iOS Dev => Full Stack Dev with freeCodeCamp: Week 1

If you don’t know what this post is about, check out my first blog post. Or you should know that I am using freeCodeCamp to turn my knowledge of iOS to the broader understanding of Full Stack development.

Week 1 Update

So of course how we start off week 1 is by being too busy to actually work on my freeCodeCamp project.

Here are my excuses:

  • My day job has been consuming my work hours.
  • My fiancé takes up my free time because I love her.
  • I’ve been working on the Software Engineering Daily podcast app
  • For some reason, I’ve also been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmares.

Excuses aside, I did finish the jQuery section of freeCodeCamp and started Basic Front End Development Projects. So I have finished the first three sections or thirteen hours of tutorials so far (Even if I did finish two sections before starting to write this blog). That’s not a terrible place to be and now I’ll be able to start building some real projects with everything I’ve learned.

What I learned

This week I only went through the jQuery section of freeCodeCamp, but I also have never used jQuery so it was a very refreshing experience. I love learning new stuff. Coming from Swift I have few dislikes of HTML, CSS, and jQuery right now, and I believe most of these have some libraries that fix my issues. That being said, the main thing I don’t like about these languages is that everything is a string! I mean, purists will probably say I’m crazy but I come from Swift being my first language and seeing a "background-color" class is a bit crazy to me. I’m used to view.backgroundColor and if I misspell backgroundColor or the class doesn’t allow me to override this variable Xcode tells me everything.

It’s a strange place to be, but I also don’t need my hand held at this point in my development journey. It’s not that bad but I am glad I started learning Swift instead of starting in web development. Swift gave me a good foundation to learn the basic programming skills without getting caught up in little errors here and there.


To conclude, this week was alright. Going forward I’m going to spend more time focused on completing the next section, Basic Front End Development Projects. This should also be a more exciting than what I’ve been doing so far since I’ll be creating actual apps. Now, this is where the real fun begins!

Follow my journey & tell me yours!

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