iOS Developer to Full-Stack Developer With freeCodeCamp

or Why I Am So limited As An iOS Developer: freeCodeCamp To The Rescue!

or I Want To Be a Full-Stack Developer and freeCodeCamp Will Get Me There

I couldn’t decide on a good title so I put a bunch of the bad titles up instead. I’m an iOS Developer, I have been for almost 2 years. But in the next few months, I’m going to start and document my journey to become a full-stack developer. Also the only resource I’ll be using is freeCodeCamp.

Why am I doing this? How will I make the jump to full-stack developer only using freeCodeCamp? What’s my game plan? Well, read the rest of the article. You’re supposed to skip over this blurb to the headed sections.

Why I am making the move to become a full-stack developer

I am an iOS Developer. I’ve been working as an iOS Developer for 1 year and 9 months. After the first year, I started feeling comfortable programming. For the past few months, I’ve felt very confident in my abilities as an iOS Developer. I’m now confident enough to start working with design patterns that scared/stumped me when I first started programming.

This is great! Exactly where I wanted to be in a little over a year and a half. My only issue is when I think about my next project it has to be an iOS app. Not only that but the app has to be server-less because I don’t have a good grasp on how to spin up a server. Right now I’m stuck in a box. While I think a lot can be accomplished with the right boundaries, I’m not feeling that. I’m feeling that when I have an idea I can only do 1/3rd of the idea.

So I’m done! I’m blowing the top off this box!

How I will make the jump to full-stack development only using freeCodeCamp (“Blow the top off this box”)

With a lot of hard work and determination! …and a huge catalog of challenges that cover every part of full-stack development.

While I will have to work hard and spend a lot of time learning, today it is easier than ever to make the jump into programming or general tech. It’s also even easier for someone who knows how to program to become a better programmer! There are plenty of resources out on the web today. These resources can teach you everything from the soft skills you need to manage projects, to the hard skills like advanced programming patterns. Though I am going to focus on seeing how far the resource freeCodeCamp can get me.

I’m going to talk about how great freeCodeCamp courses are in the next section. Though if you haven’t checked out freeCodeCamp yet, do yourself a favor and check out this amazing resource! freeCode Camp has hundreds of hours of challenges that will take you from beginner programmer to full-stack developer. This is exactly why I chose freeCodeCamp. These courses have more than enough information for me to start my full-stack development journey.

The Game Plan

Now let’s talk about freeCodeCamp

I’m choosing freeCodeCamp because it is the most extensive resource for front and backend development on the internet today. I’ve already blown through the HTML & CSS, Responsive Design with Bootstrap, and jQuery sections. Though there are hundreds (YES HUNDREDS!) of hours of tutorials that you can complete on their website without leaving your browser. These tutorials cover frontend and backend so freeCodeCamp should be the only learning resource I need. I have also been told there is a beta website where they have EVEN MORE challenges that expand upon the core concepts covered on the website right now.

I’ll be going through the entire frontend and backend courses on the freeCodeCamp site. This article talks about the length of time it takes to complete the frontend development part of the freeCodeCamp site. It took the author of this article 185 hours over the course of 45 days to complete the frontend development course. This seems about right considering the 100’s of hours of content that freeCodeCamp has. The courses might not take that long for me to complete but we’ll see as I go along.

Oh, also Quincy Larsen is one of the big inspirations for starting this blog. So double win!

Follow my journey & tell me yours!

This has been a high-level overview of the learning path I’ll be going down. My path may change a bit as I go down it, but we will have to see.

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