Quick start with Sails.js – Opinionated Javascript

While Node.Js has done create with unopionated frameworks that allow for conversation and new trials, sometimes you need some direction. During my development time I’ve seen the benefits to using something like Rails or Laravel with best practices built in. Of course, they come with a lot of bloat you may not need. However, if you are looking for some great practices and most features bootstrap, NodeJs can now deliver with Sail.js.

Here is a quick guide to getting set up. Navigate to your terminal and install the Sails command line tool.

npm install sails -g

Then, create a new project.

sails new sails-project

You will have to option to start and empty project (allowing for more configuration) or start with a full template. Let’s choose option 1 (full app).

Now, let’s boot up.

cd new-project
sails lift

Now visit http://localhost:1337/ and you will be set!

Check out the official docs to learn more.